Summer Day in the City


Combination of this seasons trendy styles w a cute button up skirt and lace up shirt to keep you feeling cool in the hot weather but also looking fashionable.

Shirt: American Eagle $19  Skirt: PACSUN $18  Shoes: DSW &35


Chic and casual outfit perfect for a day in the city to show off your fashion sense while staying cool and comfortable

Shirt: American Eagle $15  Shorts: American Eagle $40  Jacket: H&M $50                         Shoes: Adidas $60


Naked3 Pallet Soft Cut Crease Tutorial


Step 1: Start by using a light brown eyeliner and with a flat angled brush, line along right above the crease until you reach the outside corner.

Step 2: Use the same brush and push the eyeliner up to blend into a soft line.

Step 3: Using the brush that comes with the naked3 pallet, blend the color nooner above the crease line. Bring the color around to the outside corner and then to underneath the lower lashes. This color will be the base of the crease.

Step 4: Blend a small amount of the color factory right above the crease liner line. Make this color the transition between the liner and the color nooner.

Step 5: Use a small amount of limit to blend all the colors together.

Step 6: Using a flat brush, pat the color dust and buzz onto the lid while staying under the crease line.

Step 7: Blend the color strange onto the brow bone.

Step 8: Finish the look with a liquid eyeliner wing and some mascara.


Hope you like the look and feel free to leave any questions in the comments below!!!!

Spring Style

Perfect look for a spring day out into the city or downtown. Looks great with a cross body bag and works with hair styled down and natural or in a high messy ponytail.

Jacket: H&M $50    Top: H&M $13   Jeans: American Eagle $50    Shoes: Addias Originals $80